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    The proven concept: incomparbly delicious food from the region, plenty of friendly hospitality and a portion of rustic comfort.

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    Fashionable and cool; and completely modern. Sometimes a bar; sometimes a club; sometimes a restaurant ...

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Lokal Heroes

What you have here is more than a run-of-the-mill gourmet guide.

Lokal Heroes is a tour through the region‘s culinary landscape, with all its many facets. From gourmet restaurants to simple alpine chalets. Feast as you like – that is our motto.

And then again, it’s not.

Because we want to take you by the hand and lead you past the culinary horizon, to greet you as a guest, a discovery-seeking visitor. And let you in on a few secrets about our region. To introduce you to interesting personalities, to share regional recipes with you, and to whisk you away to a world of traditional customs and regional specialties.

Our love of this country is now in your hands. See this brochure as a gift, a valuable guide who will share tips and perspectives on your delicious voyage of discovery through our region.

So, come and experience the taste of the mountains and valleys. And enjoy your time to its

Yours, Lokal Heroes Team


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